News 01-07-2019
Election Manifesto Development training in Jordan: How to develop clear policy positions
As part of the EU-funded EU-JDID programme, NIMD conducted a four-day Training of Trainers (ToT)…
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News 20-06-2019
EECMD hosts Georgian and Tunisian party activists and MPs for Exchange Visit
Last week, NIMD partners the Eastern European Centre for Multiparty Democracy (EECMD) and the Centre…
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News 12-06-2019
JSoP hosts first landmark meeting in Amman
The Jordan School of Politics (JSoP) last week hosted its very first political dinner in…
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News 23-05-2019
Presenting NIMD’s Annual Report 2018
NIMD’s Annual Report 2018 is out now! This year’s theme is “Towards Inclusive Societies”. Across…
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News 20-05-2019
NIMD set to launch School of Politics in Jordan
Last week, NIMD signed an agreement with Jordan’s Ministry of Political and Parliamentary Affairs (MoPPA),…
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News 15-04-2019
Democracy matters, time to make it work
NIMD is proud to launch our new corporate video. Through this video, we hope to…
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News 19-03-2019
100+ Ethiopian parties join PM to sign new Code of Conduct
One of the benefits of having a vibrant multiparty system is that you get a…
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News 13-03-2019
NIMD young political leaders join forces to call for inclusive peaceful elections in Benin
On 28 April 2019, Benin will go to the polls. These legislative elections are taking…
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News 13-03-2019
NIMD partner facilitates dialogue between Zimbabwe’s political parties
Those following political developments in Zimbabwe will be well aware of the political crisis in…
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