News 08-01-2019
Jordan: NIMD holds first manifesto development workshop
In December, NIMD gathered the secretary generals of political parties from across Jordan for training…
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News 12-12-2018
Multiparty dialogue at the highest level: Uganda’s IPOD Summit
The first ever Interparty Organization for Dialogue (IPOD) Summit took place on 12 December. This…
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News 25-11-2018
Cutting edge technology and future-proof politics: #INNDEM2018
How can technology empower citizens? Is political intermediation still necessary? What is the current role…
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News 25-11-2018
#EndVAW: Why we must end political violence against women
Every year, 25 November is the beginning of 16 days of global activism focusing on…
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News 19-11-2018
Myanmar: Building bridges among political parties to build a better future
The Myanmar School of Politics (MySoP) successfully completed its 13th Core Course, an intensive political training course…
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News 16-11-2018
#TogetherWeSpeak: Why shrinking democratic space matters to us all
In recent years, each daily edition of the news brings with it a fresh story…
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News 15-11-2018
Interparty dialogue gets the green light in Uganda
2018 has been a year of rapid political upheaval in a country that was already…
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News 14-11-2018
NIMD launches Democracy Lab in Benin
NIMD’s new “Democracy Lab” project was launched in Grand Popo, Benin on 2 November. According…
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News 30-10-2018
MySop core course: Strengthening political parties and promoting multiparty dialogue
The Myanmar School of Politics (MySoP) is proud to announce the opening of its 13th Core Course,…
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