Mediation: An essential skill for politicians

In Myanmar, politicians often have to mediate between opposing sides, as they strive to create a culture of peace, tolerance, understanding and non-violence.

That’s why our Myanmar School of Politics (MySoP) Multiparty Dialogue Platform, which we run in partnership with Demo Finland, held an intensive 6-day ‘core mediation’ course.

The course targeted Shan State Members of Parliament, Ethnic Affair Ministers and Central Executive Committee members.

Two participants engage in the interactive mediation activities.

In Myanmar’s often tense political environment, these politicians are often called upon to calm disputes or conflicts in their respective constituencies and/or within their parties.

Sound mediation skills will also enable them to engage in dialogue and cooperate with different political parties, building trust and learning to work together in the long-term.

The training was conducted by mediation experts Result Mediation. Central in their training approach was not only the transfer of theory and knowledge, but practice with real-life cases, interactive role play and close coaching by the trainers.