About NIMD

The Netherlands Institute for Multiparty Democracy (NIMD) works to promote peaceful, just and inclusive politics worldwide. Our approach across all our programmes is unique and characterized by dialogue: we bring politicians from across the political spectrum together.

We work on their knowledge and competences, and empower them to cooperate in a constructive manner on issues that affect them, their country and the broader region. To that end, we work with the entire political sector in a country, from aspiring politicians to political leaders, and from national to local level.

NIMD is non-partisan and driven by democratic values. We are a proud member of the European Partnership for Democracy.

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What we

NIMD works at the heart of politics, supporting political actors from across the political spectrum, and empowering them to contribute effectively to sustainable development. We have different strategies that help us do this.


Democracy starts with dialogue. That’s why NIMD sets up and facilitates safe and informal spaces where dialogue can take root and begin to thrive. Here, we bring together actors and movements from all political denominations, so that they may overcome barriers and build the foundations for working together.

Working with
political actors

NIMD works in countries where democracy is young and therefore still fragile. In many of these countries, political actors lack the skills and experience they need to fulfil their role. Therefore, NIMD helps political parties build their capacity in areas such as policy analysis, manifesto drafting and democratic candidate selection.


Every democracy needs democrats. At NIMD, we set up Democracy Schools around the world where politicians learn democratic values. By teaching future leaders skills such as how to speak, listen and debate with mutual respect, we help empower them to put their political values into practice in line with needs of their country.