Benin public hearings: MPs reach out to communities to guide education policies

NIMD has been working with Benin’s Parliament as they meet with members of the public to discuss the education sector.

A delegation of around 20 MPs, led by the country’s Vice President, have been holding a series of public hearings in different regions across the south of Benin since 2 October. Each three-day hearing will give the MPs valuable insight into:

  • What has changed based on recent recommendations on education by the universal periodic review
  • How education laws are being implemented.

The MPs will use this knowledge to form concrete recommendations for Parliament, and guide future debates on improving education.

By actively listening to the needs and viewpoints of people, the MPs hope to bridge a gap with the people they represent and gain a deeper understanding of the effect of their policies across the country.

The public hearings are part of our Project to support the Beninese National Assembly for the promotion of participative governance and human rights. This project is funded by the EU.