News 21-02-2020
In Memoriam Jos van Kemenade, first President of the Board of NIMD
In 2004 I joined Jos van Kemenade on a mission to South Africa to engage…
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News 12-02-2020
Colombian women in politics share lessons learned from campaigning
On 29 January, NIMD Colombia held a knowledge-sharing workshop for women in politics. The event…
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News 04-02-2020
Democracy isn’t built in a day: The case of Tunisia
Whenever any country makes its first hopeful steps towards a more democratic government, we are…
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News 29-01-2020
Protecting political leaders for a more inclusive democracy in Colombia
Since January 2016, 543 political, social and community leaders have been assassinated in Colombia. This…
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News 11-12-2019
Forum for Democratic Change Takes IPOD Chair
At the end of November, the Inter Party Organization for Dialogue (IPOD) (a dialogue platform…
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News 09-12-2019
International Anti-Corruption Day: Our work in Guatemala
To celebrate the International UN's Anti-Corruption Day, we spoke to Susan Batres, Director of our…
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News 04-12-2019
Myanmar School of Politics: Towards gender equality
The Myanmar School of Politics (a joint programme run by NIMD and Demo Finland) has…
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News 27-11-2019
MENA youth forum for democracy: A regional exchange
Students from our Jordan and Tunisia Schools of Politics have now come together to exchange…
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News 14-11-2019
NIMD-backed dialogue opens up reforms in Mali
On 30 and 31 October, NIMD Mali organized a high-level meeting on electoral reforms, helping…
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