News 29-06-2017
Digital Democracy: Fifth forum of young politicians of the South Caucasus and Ukraine
On 14-15 July, young politicians from across the political spectrum in the South Caucasus and…
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News 22-06-2017
Launch of 9th edition of MySoP political training in Myanmar
The 9th edition of the Myanmar School of Politics (MySoP) core course started in Tanintharyi Region…
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News 17-05-2017
Democracy School kicks off in Honduras
For the third year running, NIMD held a Democracy School for young representatives of political…
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News 15-05-2017
Towards inclusive participation in the political system: A new project in Tanzania
NIMD has embarked on a new project, which aims to promote the political participation of…
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News 09-05-2017
Colombia: Exploring media, stereotypes and women’s political leadership
NIMD held a forum on the media, stereotypes and women’s political leadership on 10 May in…
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News 11-04-2017
Georgia: Social media training for political parties
NIMD’s Eastern European Neighborhood Office organized a two-day training session to improve the capacities of…
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News 03-04-2017
Graduation day at the Myanmar School of Politics
On 3 April, 19 politicians from Kayah State graduated from the Myanmar School of Politics (MySoP). These…
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News 30-03-2017
Presenting our new publication: Dancing Backwards in High Heels
The phrase “Dancing backwards in high heels” became popular thanks to Bob Thave’s cartoon in…
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News 28-03-2017
Strengthening parliamentary oversight of the extractive industry: A new project in Mozambique
NIMD’s has launched a new project in Mozambique, which will aim to strengthen the Parliament's…
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