Which truth do you choose? NIMD at the Nacht van de Dictatuur

NIMD will be participating in the 2019 edition of the Nacht van de Dictatuur, which will be held in De Balie in Amsterdam on 12 September.

The event, which is held yearly in celebration of democracy and democratic rights worldwide, coincides with preparations for the International Day of Democracy. This year, discussions will revolve around the central question: “Which truth do you choose?” What stories do you believe when it comes to power, politics and authority?

Our Mali Country Representative, Mirjam Tjassing, will take part in a panel session on the current situation in Mali and Burundi. She will consider why the democratic situation in Mali is worsening and the influence of Dutch and Belgian development aid in the country.

The session will ask:

  • What is the influence of Dutch and Belgium in fragile and conflict-affected settings?
  • How do those involved deal with the dilemmas?
  • And is there even a way to provide pure help in these countries?