News 27-11-2019
MENA youth forum for democracy: A regional exchange
Students from our Jordan and Tunisia Schools of Politics have now come together to exchange…
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News 14-11-2019
NIMD-backed dialogue opens up reforms in Mali
On 30 and 31 October, NIMD Mali organized a high-level meeting on electoral reforms, helping…
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News 06-11-2019
Burundi: Youth join forces for peaceful and inclusive elections
Youth from across the political divide in Burundi have elected a multiparty group of 36…
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News 15-10-2019
Mozambique’s Peace Room gears up for 2020 Election
With the campaign cycle in full swing and parties canvassing up and down the country,…
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News 14-10-2019
NIMD begins first project in Iraq
Top image from left to right: NIMD Project Officer Emma Wind and Programme Manager Antoine…
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News 10-10-2019
Democracies Divided – Join NIMD in The Hague, 7 November
NIMD is teaming up with Leiden University and the Centre for the Study of Political…
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News 10-10-2019
Benin public hearings: MPs reach out to communities to guide education policies
NIMD has been working with Benin’s Parliament as they meet with members of the public…
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News 02-10-2019
Mediation: An essential skill for politicians
In Myanmar, politicians often have to mediate between opposing sides, as they strive to create…
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News 15-09-2019
International Democracy Day: European leaders must match rhetoric with action
NIMD is part of a diverse coalition of 40 non-profit organizations calling on the EU…
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