News 23-09-2022
Event: Relations between the Sahel and the Netherlands in a changing world
A lot is happening in the Sahel region. With recent coups in Mali and Burkina…
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News 21-09-2022
NIMD statement on IPOD and working on inclusive democracy in Uganda
NIMD statement on IPOD and working on inclusive democracy in Uganda 21-09-2022 The Netherlands Institute…
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News 09-09-2022
#DemocracyDrinks: Connect with democracy advocates in The Hague
Join us on 15 September, the International Day of Democracy, for our third edition of…
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News 24-08-2022
Myanmar: The Resilience of Democratic Values in a Conflict Setting
A year ago on 1 February 2021, the military in Myanmar deposed the elected government,…
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News 11-08-2022
Tunisia’s Constitutional Referendum: A threat to Democracy
Thijs Berman, NIMD Executive Director, explores the roots of Tunisia’s democratic decline and how political…
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News 10-08-2022
Political change: How to continue striving for inclusive democracy in Colombia
As Colombia’s President and Congress step into their new roles, our Colombia Country Director, Ángela…
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News 08-08-2022
Getting young people out to vote in Kenya’s election
Kenya is a young country. Making up 75% of the country’s population, under 35s have…
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News 14-07-2022
Guatemala: Supporting LGBTQI+ groups to make their voices heard
According to Amnesty International, 32 LGBTQI+ people were murdered in Guatemala last year as a…
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News 13-07-2022
Sint Eustatius: Facilitating knowledge transfer and continuity between elections
NIMD is proud to have facilitated pilot induction sessions for the Island Council of Sint…
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