News 10-05-2021
Joint statement: Summit for Democracy
Before his inauguration as US President this year, Joe Biden committed to holding the world's…
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News 13-04-2021
NIMD and WEO launch new Democracy School in Iraq
Today – 12 April – marks the launch of our new Democracy School pilot for…
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News 08-04-2021
The Tunisian School of Politics plays a role in democratic development
The Tunisian School of Politics (TSoP) has strengthened the skills of young politicians and helped…
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News 17-03-2021
Dutch elections: Candidates commit to work towards women’s political representation
On 10 March, NIMD held an online event on gender equality and women’s rights, together…
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News 09-03-2021
Not about us without us – Gender MPI election special
On 10 March, NIMD will hold an online event on gender equality and women’s rights,…
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News 07-03-2021
Women who lead: Inspiring stories of political and community engagement
To celebrate International Women’s Day, the European Partnership for Democracy (EPD) and its members (including…
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News 25-02-2021
The new NIMD School for Dialogue, Innovation and Leadership in Colombia
This Friday, 26 February, NIMD Colombia and Colombia’s Electoral Observation Mission (MOE) are launching their…
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News 24-02-2021
La Batalla del Volcán: An exploration of conflict and peacebuilding in El Salvador
In 2019 and 2020, NIMD El Salvador contributed to supporting and funding a project called…
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News 18-02-2021
Whose Transition? #MaTransition.
When Malian President President Ibrahim Boubacar Keïta (also known as IBK) was forced out of…
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