News 24-06-2021
Repression and resilience: Diagnosing closing space mid-pandemic
Join our workshop on closing democratic space on 25 June at 2-3.30pm (CEST). Register here. …
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News 24-06-2021
Looking back at our Opportunities for Iraq event
Since 2019, Iraq’s streets have regularly filled with protesters. In the capital, Baghdad, but also…
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News 16-06-2021
Empowering women in local administration: A new project in Jordan
NIMD Jordan has entered into partnership with the International Republican Institute (IRI) to launch a…
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News 07-06-2021
Opportunities for Iraq: An online event
NIMD has teamed up with Het Grote Midden Oosten Platform to organize a discussion on…
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News 03-06-2021
Presenting NIMD’s Annual Report 2020
NIMD’s 2020 Annual Report, The Promise of Democracy, is now available! Inside you can find…
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News 31-05-2021
A new era of European support to political party systems: A joint paper
Political pluralism is a cornerstone of any democracy. And the political party system is a…
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News 10-05-2021
Joint statement: Summit for Democracy
Before his inauguration as US President this year, Joe Biden committed to holding the world's…
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News 13-04-2021
NIMD and WEO launch new Democracy School in Iraq
Today – 12 April – marks the launch of our new Democracy School pilot for…
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News 08-04-2021
The Tunisian School of Politics plays a role in democratic development
The Tunisian School of Politics (TSoP) has strengthened the skills of young politicians and helped…
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