NIMD publishes its 2021 Annual Report

While 2021 was a challenging year for democracy worldwide, NIMD adapted to the fast-changing political environment with a flexible approach that put dialogue and promoting inclusive democracy across all levels of society at the heart of our global work.

That is the message in NIMD’s 2021 Annual Report – Welcoming New Alternatives: Committed to Democracy, Flexible in Approach – which we publish today.

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Challenges ahead

“We were delighted to work with teams across our global network to compile this report, which really reflects the diversity of our work in 2021, and the adaptability of our organization,” says Thijs Berman, NIMD’s Executive Director.

“We know there are even more challenges ahead: we present our 2021 Annual Report at a particularly grim moment, as Russia wages a cruel, devastating and unprovoked war against its sovereign and democratic neighbour Ukraine.

“This brutal attack demonstrates the urgency of continuing – and increasing – democracy support by organizations such as NIMD, funded by states, multilateral organizations, and private donors.”

Highlights from 2021

NIMD worked in 16 countries across Africa, Latin America, the MENA Region and Southeast Asia in 2021, and this Annual Report examines our vision and work across our five key thematic areas: Dialogue, Democracy Education, Women’s Political Participation, Youth & Inclusivity, and Strengthening Democratic Infrastructure.

Highlights include details of our work supporting legislative reform and promoting inclusivity ahead of the Honduras elections, which passed peacefully in November and proved to be one of the bright spots for democracy in 2021.

NIMD Honduras communicates with the media after the 2021 elections.

Looking ahead with optimism

We also profile three Democracy School graduates from very different political contexts across the NIMD network, and take inspiration from their optimism and energy in the face of challenging political circumstances.

We hope you enjoy the report, look forward to another fruitful year of collaboration and consensus-building to help foster a more peaceful and democratic world.


Download NIMD’s full Annual Report 2021