NIMD stands in solidarity with the people of Ukraine and their commitment to democracy

The people of Ukraine have been loud and clear in their democratic ambitions. Twice since the country’s 1991 independence from Russia, Ukrainians have taken to the streets to demand an end to corruption, rigged elections, and foreign interference.

The Maidan Revolution of 2013 was a clear signal that most Ukrainians saw a future rooted in the values of tolerance, freedom, and democracy, and despite the inevitable challenges in fulfilling those ambitions, the country was on the path to a better future.

So when Russia launched an unprovoked attack on Ukraine, it wasn’t just an attack on a sovereign country, but an attack on democracy itself.

NIMD worked in Ukraine from 2016 to 2020 alongside our partner, the Eastern European Centre for Multiparty Democracy. Through our Democracy Schools, we are proud to have shared the enthusiasm of the young people who took part in the courses, all of whom were determined to use their new skills to work for the common good of their country.

Now, that free and democratic future is in jeopardy, and the hopes and dreams of the next generation lie in the balance.

Today, we stand in solidarity with the people of Ukraine. We must all redouble our commitment to supporting democrats and inclusive democratic systems worldwide, because only by working together with shared aims can we stand up to the autocratic ambitions that threaten everyone’s peace and security.