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Opinion & analysis 06-12-2021
Mozambique: Using dialogue in the fight against climate change
The recent COP26 Summit in Glasgow prompted debate about the role of democracy in the…
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Opinion & analysis 29-11-2021
El Salvador: ‘We need this broken moment to think about democracy’
El Salvador has been experiencing a democratic decline following the election of Nayib Bukele as…
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Opinion & analysis 20-08-2021
Lessons from Afghanistan
By Thijs Berman, Executive Director of NIMD. Thijs was Head of the European Union’s Election…
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Opinion & analysis 01-02-2021
NIMD statement on the elections in Uganda and the way forward
The Netherlands Institute for Multiparty Democracy Uganda (NIMD Uganda), a key partner to Ugandan political…
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Opinion & analysis 21-01-2021
The US transfer of power: How to mend divides through inclusive democracy  
Yesterday, the US welcomed a new President and Vice President into power. NIMD's Senior Advisor…
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Opinion & analysis 20-10-2020
#UN75: Trust me, I’m a politician.
In a world of dramatic changes and complex problems, from the COVID-19 pandemic to the…
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Opinion & analysis 18-05-2020
Solving the Corona crisis: Respect for democracy is the key
Respect for every individual, for human rights and for democracy is not something that can…
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Opinion & analysis 29-01-2020
A democratic revival
As part of our Democracy Special, developed in cooperation with Dutch development magazine Vice Versa,…
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Opinion & analysis 25-06-2019
Is modern politics really that modern?
Thijs Berman, Executive Director of NIMD. Over the last century, we have seen several waves…
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