Opinion & analysis
Opinion & analysis 28-11-2022
Interview: Extremism and the future of democracy
On 24 November, NIMD, Netherlands Helsinki Committee and The Hague Humanity Hub held our monthly…
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Opinion & analysis 17-09-2022
Inclusive democracy in Niger: Making citizen’s voices heard
This International Democracy Day, we asked partners and country offices from across the NIMD network…
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Opinion & analysis 15-09-2022
Inclusive Democracy in Mozambique: Strengthening women’s political participation
This International Democracy Day, we asked our partners and country offices from across the NIMD…
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Opinion & analysis 06-09-2022
An inspiring pilot project in Sint Eustatius
Earlier this year, NIMD facilitated pilot induction sessions for the Island Council of Sint Eustatius…
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News 10-08-2022
Political change: How to continue striving for inclusive democracy in Colombia
As Colombia’s President and Congress step into their new roles, our Colombia Country Director, Ángela…
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News 22-04-2022
Ukraine shows democracy must be seen as a strategic asset
Thijs Berman is the Executive Director of the Netherlands Institute for Multiparty Democracy. Early in…
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Opinion & analysis 06-12-2021
Mozambique: Using dialogue in the fight against climate change
The recent COP26 Summit in Glasgow prompted debate about the role of democracy in the…
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Opinion & analysis 29-11-2021
El Salvador: ‘We need this broken moment to think about democracy’
El Salvador has been experiencing a democratic decline following the election of Nayib Bukele as…
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Opinion & analysis 20-08-2021
Lessons from Afghanistan
By Thijs Berman, Executive Director of NIMD. Thijs was Head of the European Union’s Election…
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