Opinion & analysis 24-02-2021
Soldiers alone will not help the Sahel
By Mirjam Tjassing, Sahel Regional Director at NIMD. This is an English translation of an…
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News 18-02-2021
Whose Transition? #MaTransition.
When Malian President President Ibrahim Boubacar Keïta (also known as IBK) was forced out of…
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News 12-02-2021
NIMD mourns the death of Daniel Loya
NIMD is deeply saddened by the death of Mr. Daniel Loya, Executive Director of the…
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News 09-02-2021
The role of the Netherlands towards Colombia: A webinar
For Dutch people, events in Colombia can seem far removed from our daily lives. How…
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News 03-02-2021
NIMD’s Supervisory Council welcomes new Chair
NIMD is very pleased to welcome Ed Kronenburg (photo above, left-hand side) as the new…
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Uncategorized 01-02-2021
NIMD statement on the elections in Uganda and the way forward
The Netherlands Institute for Multiparty Democracy Uganda (NIMD Uganda), a key partner to Ugandan political…
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Opinion & analysis 21-01-2021
The US transfer of power: How to mend divides through inclusive democracy  
Yesterday, the US welcomed a new President and Vice President into power. NIMD's Senior Advisor…
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News 13-01-2021
Looking back: Our Strategic Partnership on Dialogue and Dissent
From 2016 until December 2020, NIMD was part of the Netherlands Ministry of Foreign Affairs’…
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News 05-01-2021
Highlights From MySoP’s ‘How to be a Great MP’ Forum
Following the 2020 election, Myanmar is preparing for the next phase in the electoral cycle.…
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