NIMD concerned about new NGO funding law in El Salvador

NIMD is following with concern developments in El Salvador, where a new draft law imposing limitations on foreign funding for NGOs has provoked concern about freedom of speech and led to disinformation about the activities of NIMD in El Salvador.

The proposed new law, currently under discussion in parliament, bans funding from foreign organizations for loosely defined “political activities” by NGOs and civil society groups in the country. While we are still examining the exact detail and implications of the law, NIMD shares the view expressed by other civil society groups that the law could be used to silence critical voices in the country.

Non-partisan and impartial

Regarding the work of NIMD El Salvador, we would like to stress that NIMD has been working in El Salvador since 2013 and has set itself the goal of building an inclusive democratic culture in which all people are represented regardless of age, gender, religion, sexual orientation, or political ideology.

NIMD is a non-partisan organization, and political impartiality is central to the projects in all the countries in which we operate. We always work with political actors from across the political spectrum, and this applies to our work in El Salvador too.

A democracy school in El Salvador
Our work with young people in El Salvador in 2021.

In 2020, as part of our ongoing project to strengthen democratic capacity in El Salvador, we invited potential candidates for municipal and legislative elections from all registered political parties to training on the electoral system, dialogue, gender, and communications.

We were pleased that candidates and social leaders from across the political spectrum responded to this invite, leading to a number of positive sessions that helped foster dialogue and cooperation between all parties.

Our work is possible thanks to the cooperation of various organizations and governments, and NIMD maintains a working approach that is always respectful of national laws.