News 02-12-2021
Five Messages for the Summit for Democracy
NIMD is proud to join 13 other global pro-democracy organizations calling on states at the…
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Opinion & analysis 29-11-2021
El Salvador: ‘We need this broken moment to think about democracy’
El Salvador has been experiencing a democratic decline following the election of Nayib Bukele as…
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Stories 25-11-2021
Saluting Female Peace-builders in Colombia
Putting women at the center of peace-building efforts is a crucial step in ending violence…
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News 19-11-2021
Event: Pillars for Peace: Women, Peace & Security
When a nation is moving from conflict to stability, the signing of peace accords is…
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News 19-11-2021
NIMD welcomes Volt to its Advisory Council
Following the election of three MPs from the political party Volt to the Dutch parliament…
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News 15-11-2021
NIMD concerned about new NGO funding law in El Salvador
NIMD is following with concern developments in El Salvador, where a new draft law imposing…
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Stories 05-11-2021
Portraits of Courage in Colombia
NIMD Colombia runs Democracy Schools in some of the most volatile regions in the country,…
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Stories 21-10-2021
Amplifying Marginalized Voices in the Honduras elections
At NIMD, we believe that democracy only thrives when every voice is heard. But people…
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News 14-10-2021
Event: Linking Latin America
There can be little doubt that democracy is facing many challenges across Latin America today,…
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