Blog 10-03-2020
Why true democracy cannot exist without gender equality
Every March, women around the world hold large-scale protests, coordinate events, and lobby their governments…
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News 04-03-2020
People Dialogue Festival 2020: bringing politicians and citizens together
Kenya is in the midst of an important political process. Nearly two years ago, the…
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News 03-03-2020
On the death of Jos van Kemenade
NIMD was deeply saddened by the news that our first Chair of the Board, Jos…
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News 21-02-2020
In Memoriam Jos van Kemenade, first President of the Board of NIMD
In 2004 I joined Jos van Kemenade on a mission to South Africa to engage…
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News 12-02-2020
Learning from the public: Beninese MPs visit local communities and hospitals
On 16-17 January, NIMD organized a series of visits to local communities for a group…
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News 12-02-2020
Colombian women in politics share lessons learned from campaigning
On 29 January, NIMD Colombia held a knowledge-sharing workshop for women in politics. The event…
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Blog 11-02-2020
Dialogue in peacebuilding: A learning visit from Mozambique to Colombia
Through our work across the world, the NIMD network contains vast knowledge on how to…
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News 04-02-2020
Democracy isn’t built in a day: The case of Tunisia
Whenever any country makes its first hopeful steps towards a more democratic government, we are…
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News 31-01-2020
Ethiopian Inter-Party Council presents certificate of recognition to NIMD
NIMD is proud to announce that our Ethiopian team has been presented with a certificate…
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