News 04-12-2019
Myanmar School of Politics: Towards gender equality
The Myanmar School of Politics (a joint programme run by NIMD and Demo Finland) has…
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Stories 27-11-2019
Dialogue among Political Parties in Ethiopia: Reconciling political rivals
Dr. Chanie Kebede became determined to play a role in Ethiopia’s development after graduating in…
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News 27-11-2019
MENA youth forum for democracy: A regional exchange
Students from our Jordan and Tunisia Schools of Politics have now come together to exchange…
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News 25-11-2019
Young people for democracy: A training course in Guatemala
As part of our programme for the democratic participation of youth in Guatemala, NIMD held…
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Blog 25-11-2019
A crisis for democracy, or its evolution? 
This is not a crisis of democracy. Instead, this is how democracy gets real. Thomas…
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Stories 19-11-2019
Empowering a young activist to influence politics
Hamza Hyassat is an activist. He works at the Jordanian Hashemite Fund for Human Development,…
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News 14-11-2019
NIMD-backed dialogue opens up reforms in Mali
On 30 and 31 October, NIMD Mali organized a high-level meeting on electoral reforms, helping…
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News 14-11-2019
Claiming the space: Youth inclusion and participation in Kenya’s Parliament
Approximately 75% of Kenya’s population is comprised of youth. Yet young people make up only…
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Interview 12-11-2019
Interview: Giving young people a voice in Tunisian politics
In Tunisia’s recent parliamentary elections, 53 participants of the Tunis School of Politics (TSoP) were…
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