Stories 22-07-2019
From internal displacement to refugee advocate
This weekend, parliamentary elections were held in Ukraine. It is an important vote, with the…
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Stories 17-06-2019
The young indigenous woman who pushes for Guatemalan women’s rights
This us the story of local youth leader, Nanci Paula Chiriz Sinto.  “NIMD has given…
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Stories 10-12-2018
Human rights day 2018: The story of Sandra Morán
To celebrate Human Rights Day 2018, NIMD follows the journey of a remarkable woman. An…
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Stories 15-09-2018
Democracy building in Ghana: celebrating 15 years of success
Ghana’s political history is remarkable, but not without its challenges; home to almost 30 million…
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Stories 29-08-2018
NIMD around the world: 5 nations, 5 remarkable stories
Active in 4 continents and 21 countries, NIMD’s programmes reach communities across the world. When…
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Stories 30-07-2018
Breaking down barriers: The story of a young leader in Honduras
In Honduras, not many women are involved in politics. Fátima Mena is an exception to…
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Stories 23-07-2018
Our work in Ethiopia: Strengthening legal drafting skills
Demwozie Mammie is a senior civil servant and the advisor on legal matters at CAFFEE,…
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Stories 11-07-2018
Giving cooperation a chance: Building relations in Zimbabwe through dialogue
Kizito Kuchekwa is a long-time and dedicated member of ZANU-PF, the political party that liberated…
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Stories 06-06-2018
Leaving a legacy: A new independent organization in Mozambique
NIMD first opened its country office in Mozambique at the turn of this century. We…
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