News 24-10-2017
#WPR2017: Strengthening women’s participation in politics
Only 22% of Members of Parliaments around the world are women. And, according to UN…
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News 16-10-2017
NIMD welcomes Simone Filippini as new Executive Director
The Supervisory Council of NIMD is pleased to welcome Simone Filippini as our new Executive Director. Filippini…
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News 03-10-2017
GPMD launches new website
The Global Partnership for Multiparty Democracy (GPMD) has launched its website today. Founded in 2016,…
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News 27-09-2017
Towards digital democracy: Building bridges between citizens and politicians through new technologies
NIMD El Salvador is set to hold a seminar on 27 September which will bring…
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News 26-09-2017
Myanmar programme: renewing our collaboration
NIMD and Demo Finland renewed their Memorandum of Understanding (MoU)  – a formal agreement outlining…
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News 21-09-2017
Guatemala bans child marriage
On 17 August, the Guatemalan Congress banned child marriage. Previously, the law allowed people under…
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News 14-09-2017
Leaders in a new political reality: A network event
On 19 September, NIMD and ProDemos held a network event on international leadership. The event…
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News 30-08-2017
NIMD at the African Union Regional Youth Consultations
NIMD’s Africa Regional Representative, Augustine Magolowondo, was invited to the African Union 2017 East and…
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News 23-08-2017
Financial transparency and accountability in Latin America: A regional forum
On 21-23 August, NIMD and the Unidad Técnica de Política Limpia (Technical Unit for Clean…
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