News 21-03-2018
Democratic action for peace: supporting lasting peace in Colombia
The Peace Process is rewriting the political game in Colombia. It is important that political…
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News 20-03-2018
Political training in Myanmar: 11th edition of the School of Politics
The 11th edition of the Myanmar School of Politics (MySoP) core course kicked off in…
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News 14-03-2018
Women, power and politics in fragile and conflict-affected settings
CARE Nederland, WO=MEN and NIMD are set to hold a panel discussion on empowering women to participate…
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News 12-03-2018
Local youth engage with Prime Minister in Jordan
Three participants of NIMD’s Young Political and Civic Actors Training Programme in Jordan were selected…
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News 19-01-2018
Presenting our new Supervisory Council President
NIMD is very pleased to welcome Eimert van Middelkoop as the new President of our…
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News 08-01-2018
The Charter on Electoral Ethics: A CEMI initiative
Seven Tunisian political parties officially signed a charter on electoral ethics, committing to promote a…
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News 20-12-2017
Building relations and fostering dialogue: An exchange visit from Georgia and Ukraine to the Netherlands
A delegation of politicians and civil society organization (CSO) leaders from Georgia and Ukraine visited…
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News 12-12-2017
Tunisian School of Politics: Graduates begin Dutch politics tour
Despite heavy snow delaying their arrival by a day, a group of young Tunisian politicians…
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News 30-11-2017
#InnDem2017 – Innovating Democracy: a transforming political landscape
The third edition of our Innovating Democracy event was a full-day interactive debate on 30…
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