Democracy Schools launched in Ukraine

NIMD’s partner in the Eastern European neighbourhood, EECMD, has just launched its first Democracy Schools in Ukraine. The schools are active in Lviv and Odessa with 25 students in each city.

Both curricula are geo-politically tailored, and are divided into four educational modules, each focusing on important issues of democracy and politics. As part of NIMD’s approach to fostering democratic practices, anti-corruption training is also taking place in both schools.

Students will be taught how they can be resilient “agents of change” in often difficult environments. This type of training is specially integrated into the Democracy Schools in Ukraine as it is a key issue for the country’s political processes. The Democracy Schools offer unique training and networking hubs for citizens interested in the issues of democratic governance, democratic politics and anti-corruption. NIMD and EECMD engage the best Ukrainian and international experts of the field as trainers.

By launching these schools, NIMD and EECMD hope to positively contribute to further strengthening Ukraine’s democratic resilience, nurturing and complementing the political and policy skills of its high-spirited and capable democracy activists.