Jordan’s School of Politics welcomes new cohort of politically engaged youth

Building on the success of the Jordan School of Politics (JSoP) in 2019, NIMD Jordan has welcomed a new cohort of politically motivated young people to take part in the second edition of the school.

What is JSoP

JSoP provides young people from across Jordan’s political spectrum with knowledge and skills to enhance their political participation. It’s about sharing knowledge between aspiring young politicians in the country and helping them to learn from each other’s experiences

JSoP in 2020

Since physical meetings have currently been suspended in Jordan due to the worldwide COVID-19 crisis, the JSoP activities are currently on hold. However, we are looking forward to picking up the training with our new cohort, once this is possible.

The 2020 programme will include:

  • Training on key political topics and skills needed to build a political career
  • Interactive discussions with senior political and governmental figures on topics of relevance to the Jordanian political context.

This year, 46 new participants from different backgrounds and political views will not only learn from trainers but to share their own views and interact with their peers. The participants are 50% women, and come from across the country.

We are confident that, when they graduate, these young people will be better informed, with a deeper understanding of politics and the conviction that inclusive politics requires finding a constructive way to work collaboratively despite differences.

The student’s views

In the lead up to the new edition of JSoP, NIMD spoke to some current and former students to find out their views and expectations of the school.

Deema Kharabsheh, a participant in the 2019 programme:

“JSoP’s the greatest value is undoubtedly being able to interact with such a diverse group.”

Deema Kharabsheh addresses students during the first edition of JSoP.

Mohd Awad, a participant in the 2020 programme:

“My reason to join is to develop my skills  and deploy these skills in my own work. I am setting up a research house. So the key, for me, will be a deeper understanding of the acronyms and terminology, and their use in my own work and activities.”

Another new student, Wala Hasan:

“My reason for joining is to develop knowledge and skills, and explore ways to become more active politically. This is especially important since women face a greater challenge, negative stereotyping, and a society which does not take them seriously.”

Opportunities in 2020

Later in the year, NIMD hopes to invite the top-performing JSoP students to a series of Regional Forums. These forums, initiated in 2019, aim to promote cooperation between across the MENA region. Together, these young people can address the obstacles to inclusive political systems; share best practices in youth political career development; and become empowered through knowledge about each other’s countries and other democracies.

In addition, if the COVID-19 situation permits, the JSoP students will have the chance to get involved in Jordan’s parliamentary elections in September 2020. This represents an excellent opportunity for the JSoP students to take up hands-on roles, including campaigning for candidates, providing information for voters, or holding debates.

Through all these activities, NIMD Jordan aims to encourage cooperation between students from different political backgrounds; support the participation of women in politics; and equip this new generation with the skills they need to engage actively in politics.