Looking back at our Opportunities for Iraq event

Since 2019, Iraq’s streets have regularly filled with protesters. In the capital, Baghdad, but also in the southern Basra and in northern cities, young people in particular are calling on politicians to implement political reforms. And to commit to jobs and better services to citizens.

On 8 June NIMD teamed up with Het Grote Midden Oosten Platform to organize a discussion on the future of the country.

Along with a host of experts and politicians, we explored what the Netherlands can do to contribute to democracy in Iraq. How can we contribute to a peaceful future? And how can we support the young protesters so that they know they are not alone?

In this article, Het Grote Midden Oosten Platform’s Quinten van de Wijdeven reflects on the event; explores the current situation in Iraq; and gives valuable insights from the speakers (in Dutch). Read it here.