Democracy starts with dialogue. Our experience has consistently shown that when political groups come together in dialogue, reforms, peace agreements, and nation building all stand a far greater chance of success. NIMD as an organization is the outcome of dialogue and cooperation between seven Dutch political parties, which has a defining impact on the way we work.


In the course of our work supporting meaningful dialogue that enhances democracy, NIMD has set up and facilitated interparty dialogue platforms around the world. These are safe and informal spaces where dialogue between parties can take root and begin to thrive. Here we bring together actors from all political denominations, so that actors may lay the foundations for working together as an effective democratic government.

Through dialogue, parties can also establish a basic level of trust between one another, and NIMD assists participants as they find consensus on democratic reforms they want to enact. This often translates into real policy change that enhances the democratic system of a country.

For more information on how NIMD uses dialogue to bring parties together, read our related publications below or contact us.

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