Towards inclusive participation in the political system: A new project in Tanzania

NIMD has embarked on a new project, which aims to promote the political participation of women and young people in Tanzania by improving the management and functioning of political parties.

The project, which is funded by the European Union, was launched during celebrations of Europe Day in the Tanzanian Parliament on 10 May. The Head of Delegation of the European Union to Tanzania and the East African Community, H.E. Roeland van de Geer, together with representatives of civil society organizations and in the presence of a delegation of Members of the European Parliament, presented the project alongside three other new EU-funded projects which also focus on increasing inclusive participation in political systems in Tanzania.

‘Women and youth represent the great majority of the world’s population. Their full participation is crucial to an open and democratic society, including in Europe.’ H.E. Roeland van de Geer

The new project

Through the project, NIMD and its partner, the Tanzania Center of Democracy (TDC), aim to increase levels of political participation among women and young people by improving the management and functioning of political parties.

NIMD and TCD target political parties that have representation in local councils through a number of training initiatives, including cross-party workshops; tailor-made technical assistance for political parties; comprehensive leadership training courses for women and youth in political parties; and capacity building courses for women and youth councillors.

More on the project’s approach and ambitions here.

If political parties can fully embrace and put into practice the call for inclusiveness, a significant positive difference can be made”. Augustine Magolowondo Africa Regional Representative, NIMD