NIMD consists of around 130 people, working in our country offices all around the world. NIMD Country Directors and Representatives head our 15 offices, located across Africa, the MENA region, Latin America and South East Asia. In addition, an international team of around 30 staff supports our global programmes from our Headquarters in The Hague, the political capital of the Netherlands. The staff in The Hague comprises of four teams: Programmes & Knowledge, Grants Management, Positioning, and Finance, Control & Support.

Management Team

The Management Team consists of three positions. Thijs Berman is the Executive Director of NIMD. He is responsible for NIMD's overall strategy, vision, and mission, and the positioning of the organization. Wouter Dol is Head of Programmes & Knowledge, responsible for all global programming and knowledge support within the NIMD network of partners and offices. Harrie Dijkstra is the Head of Finance, Control & Support, responsible for financial operations and quality control.

The Management team also carries out all Executive Board functions.

Executive Director

Thijs Berman has been Executive Director of the Netherlands Institute for Multiparty Democracy (NIMD) since January 2019. He has more than 30 years of experience in media, politics, and international development. Berman began his career as a journalist, and then became a Member of the European Parliament for the Dutch Labour Party. As an MEP he was a member of several committees, including the Subcommittee on Human Rights, and has also headed several European election observation missions. In the two years before joining NIMD, Berman worked as the Principal Advisor to the OSCE Representative of Freedom of the Media.

Head of Programmes & Knowledge

Wouter Dol has worked in the field of international development and democratic governance for the past 18 years. At NIMD, Wouter is responsible for all programming and knowledge development. Before taking up his current role, Wouter served in different capacities at NIMD including in strategic relations and programme management. Prior to joining NIMD, Wouter worked for the UNDP in Bangladesh and the OSCE in Kosovo. He holds a double Master’s degree in International Relations and Communications from the University of Amsterdam.

Head of Finance, Control & Support

Harrie Dijkstra is responsible for financial operations and quality control at NIMD. He has a Master’s degree in Tax and Economics, and over 15 years’ experience as Financial Controller and Finance Manager in the private sector and non-profit sector.

Country office directors

Country Director, NIMD El Salvador
Country Director, NIMD Guatemala
Luis León
Country Director, NIMD Honduras
Country Director, NIMD Colombia
Bashar Al- Khatib
(Interim) Focal Point, NIMD Jordan
Ibrahima Ba
Country Director, NIMD Niger
Country Director, NIMD Burkina Faso
Country Director, NIMD Mali
Director, NIMD Somaliland
Dieudonné Ntanago
Country Director, NIMD Burundi
Yinebeb Nigatu
Country Director, NIMD Ethiopia
Country Director, NIMD Kenya
Country Director, NIMD Myanmar

Programmes & Knowledge Team

The Programmes & Knowledge Team supports all ongoing NIMD programmes and projects by providing advice and knowledge in line with the NIMD approach, our thematic priorities, and the overall Theory of Change. In addition the team facilitates mutual learning in the network, and enhances NIMD’s knowledge base by developing tools and piloting innovative approaches. It is the Programmes & Knowledge team’s responsibility to monitor progress, adapt programming, harvest outcomes and to capture results.

The Programmes & Knowledge team is headed by Wouter Dol, and coordinated by Reem Judeh, Senior Programme & Knowledge Advisor.

Senior Programme & Knowledge Advisor
Programme & Knowledge Advisor
Programme & Knowledge Advisor
Salima Ahmadou
Salima Ahmadou
Programme & Knowledge Advisor West Africa
Tayuh Ngenge
Programme & Knowledge Advisor
Programme & Knowledge Advisor
Learning & Innovation Advisor
Learning & Innovation Advisor
Programme Support and Knowledge Officer

Grants Management Team

The Grants Management Team is responsible for coordinating (the implementation of) all NIMD programme commitments as laid down in our grant agreements. They are responsible for grant coordination, donor liaison, reporting, and supporting NIMD consortium partners to deliver intended outcomes. The team also acts as the secretariat for the different consortia that NIMD leads. The Grant Management team is headed by Wouter Dol and coordinated by Antoine Brasset, Senior Grants Coordinator.

Senior Grants Coordinator
Grants Coordinator
Grants Coordinator (Benin and Burundi)
Grants Coordinator
Planning, Monitoring & Evaluation Officer
Planning, Monitoring & Evaluation Officer
Oliva Greene
Finance & Contracts Specialist
Zineb Lamriki
Finance & Contracts Specialist
Maria De Brasdefer
Grants Support Officer

Positioning Team

The Positioning Team is responsible for NIMD’s institutional communications, external positioning, and organization-wide fundraising. The positioning team is also responsible for communicating our results to our stakeholders, which includes the use of publications, events, and media outreach. This team is managed by Thijs Berman.

Senior Advisor Strategic Relations
Fundraising Officer
Communications Advisor
Communications Officer

Finance, Control & Support Team

The Finance, Control & Support team ensures internal control, risk management, and quality processes, and is responsible for the financial accountability of NIMD. The team is also responsible for Human Resources and Office Facility Management. This team is managed by Harrie Dijkstra.

Quality & Systems Manager
Financial Administrator
Juriaan Brouwer
Financial Controller
Office Manager
Vanessa Smit
Executive Assistant
Human Resources Advisor

External specialists

External Advisor on Innovation
Shaun Mackay
External Advisor on Dialogue