The Political Party Portal: Bringing people and parties closer in Benin

NIMD Benin has launched a digital platform to bridge the gap between political parties and citizens in Benin.

The Political Party Portal aims to provide the parties with a space to communicate their programmes and key policies to the general population.

Through the platform, the people of Benin can easily browse relevant content on what each party stands for. They will be able to compare policies on different sectors such as education, health, security and the environment. NIMD has also offered its support to parties to help them create policies that are clear and informative.

The platform also brings citizens, political parties and elected politicians closer by making official texts on the party system and Beninese elections readily available to the public.

For NIMD, it is crucial that people in all democracies are able to choose their representatives based on knowledge of their policies and aspirations. That’s why we have produced this platform; we hope it helps to give the people of Benin a real choice in future elections, based on clear and distinct policies presented by their parties.


The platform represents a true collaboration between NIMD and Benin’s political parties. All the information available on the platform is provided by the parties themselves. New parties will be integrated onto the platform in a continuous way.

The creation of the platform is part of our larger project to strengthen the capacities of political parties and the National Assembly in Benin.

The portal was launched by NIMD in Benin’s largest city, Cotonou, on 20 February. The launch was attended by representatives from the majority of Beninese political parties.