News 11-05-2023
NIMD at the Summit for Democracy: Shining a spotlight on democracy around the world
On 28-30 March, the world held its second ever Summit for Democracy. Bringing together leaders…
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News 03-05-2023
Walk the Talk: How can Kenya’s legal framework support political participation among under-represented groups?
This week, we launched a new report, which assesses the extent to which the legal…
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News 03-04-2023
Time to press ahead with renewed commitment to democracy
As we look back at last week's global Summit for Democracy, NIMD has joined seven…
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News 21-03-2023
#DemocracyDrinks special edition: Global Summit for Democracy
Join us at The Hague Humanity Hub at 5-7.30pm on 29 March for our monthly…
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News 13-03-2023
Event: UnderMINING Democracy
On 23 March, experts and civil society will come together in Groningen, the Netherlands, to…
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News 28-02-2023
The Jordan School of Politics: Meet the graduates
A new set of ambitious and politically motivated young people has completed NIMD’s Jordan School…
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News 06-02-2023
#SoyParte: Supporting El Salvadorian youth for a peaceful and sustainable future
Harnessing the power and passion of young people is crucial if a country wants to…
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News 01-02-2023
NIMD Executive Director commits to new Gender Champion pledges
NIMD’s Executive Director Thijs Berman has renewed his commitment to the International Gender Champions network…
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News 09-01-2023
Innovating Democracy Education: Myanmar’s MyDemocracy School app
NIMD, in partnership with Demo Finland, has been active in Myanmar since 2014. Until the…
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