NIMD: Democracy Starts with Dialogue

NIMD’s new brochure is available now on our website!

Inside you can find useful information about our values and the work we do to support vibrant multiparty democracies around the world, as well as real-life stories of our work in practice.

Our vision and mission

The new corporate brochure sets out our vision and mission.

We believe that accountable and inclusive governance is the key to achieving peace, stability and prosperity. That’s why NIMD works in the heart of the political arena, helping to build democratic societies where every citizen’s voice is heard.

Our work is characterized by dialogue. We unite actors from across the political divide, building trust and ending historic rivalries.

We support established and aspiring politicians as they shape the future of their countries. Our work helps build effective politics that represents peoples’ needs, regardless of their gender, background or beliefs.

Our ultimate aim is to achieve peaceful, just and inclusive societies that deliver sustainable development for everyone.

Our brochure is available in English, French, Arabic and Spanish