Democracy Is…


Democracy is hearing every voice. It’s about inclusive decision making and considering different opinions.

Multiple parties

Democracy is having a real choice. It’s about political parties presenting clear and distinct policies.


Democracy starts with dialogue. It’s about working together in an atmosphere of trust and mutual acceptance.

Peaceful elections

Democracy is having free and fair elections. It’s about not being afraid to go out and vote.


Democracy is putting the people first. It’s about responsible and transparent politicians.

Democracy around the world is under attack. This campaign underlines the value and importance of democracy. Because, despite the challenges, no other political system gives us the same protection, opportunities and freedom. Democracy gives people a real say; it means they are included in the important decisions in their country or communities, and can make their voices heard through dialogue – rather than violence.

Democracy… don’t take it for granted.

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I prefer a world where every month I don’t have to wake up in the morning asking my friends in different cities in different regions if they and their beloved ones are safe after an attack. To me democracy is a channel to make EVERYONE happy so that no one gets to the point of attempting against others’ lifes.

Miguel A. Castañeda

There is no democracy if there is not respect for the legal framework. Democracy is above all being represented by a person, not a party, we could vote for, elect. It is a question of majorities, though dialogue and respect for the right of minorities must me granted.

Diego Canovass-Canovas

Para mi la democracia es el mecanismo por el cúal cada quien manifiesta su libre expresión y preferencia sin ser juzgado.


I’ve always been in an inner debate in regards to the potential of democracy. I believe there is a number threshold for a democracy, after which there will be a constant opposition to each other. Considering the example of India, the sheer size, diversity and distribution (economic, class, education) always leads to a compromise of sorts that are not beneficial to all. Is there a point where meritocracy is more valuable than democracy, a question that’s been keeping me up at night.

Aiyanna Belliappa

Democracy is a complicated thing which involves a number of values that are not really compatible with each other. But what it has at its core is the sense that the people are the object for which government exists, and that the people need to be given a way to influence the government and to protect themselves against the government.

Professor Richard Katz
About Us

The Netherlands Institute for Multiparty Democracy (NIMD) is a democracy assistance organization that supports political parties in developing democracies. Our approach is characterized by interparty dialogue: we bring parties together and encourage them to cooperate on political issues. This is crucial to establish the right environment for a country’s democratic development.