Inspiring Democracy: Operating Model for Inclusive and Participatory Policy Dialogue

This handbook was produced in the framework of the EU-funded programme INSPIRED – Integrated Support Programme for Inclusive Reform and Democratic Dialogue. The programme operated at two levels of intervention: In Ghana, Kyrgyzstan, Moldova and Tunisia, national dialogue projects promoted cooperation between the key stakeholders on a collectively identified policy issue. At the global level, INSPIRED aggregated and coordinated the outcomes of these projects with a view to developing an operational model for facilitating inclusive policy dialogue processes in contexts of democratic transition. INSPIRED was implemented by the European Partnership for Democracy in collaboration with seven partner organisations:

Club de Madrid
Netherlands Institute for Multiparty Democracy
Institute of Economic Affairs, Ghana
East Europe Foundation, Moldova
Organisation Marocaine des Droits Humains, Morocco
Centre des Etudes Méditerranéennes et Internationales, Tunisia
Institute of Constitutional Policy, Kyrgyzstan