Jordan School of Politics – policy papers

The Jordan School of Politics (JSoP) provides young people from across Jordan’s political spectrum with knowledge and skills to enhance their political participation. It’s about sharing knowledge between aspiring young politicians in the country and helping them to learn from each other’s experiences

As part of their training, participants prepared a number of policy papers, which show the advocacy skills they have developed. These skills will help them to empower youth participation to express their views.

This booklet (in Arabic) contains the best six papers, selected by a panel of judges, on the following topics:

  1. Promoting decentralization in Jordan.
  2. Facilitating access of Jordanian youth to leadership positions in political parties.
  3. Enabling Jordanian expats to vote in the parliamentary elections.
  4. Improving financial contributions to support political parties.
  5. Improving distance education in Jordan in light of the Coronavirus pandemic.
  6. Ensuring the right to express an opinion in the Jordanian visual media.