Zimbabwe’s political background

The contested 2008 presidential elections led to an upsurge in political violence and a five-year period of power-sharing between the main political parties. Since the 2013 elections, relations between the former liberation movement ZANU-PF and opposition parties have remained polarized.

NIMD’s approach in Zimbabwe

The focus of NIMD’s programme in Zimbabwe is to try to build trust and dialogue between the parliamentary parties. It also looks at the political participation of women and young people.

NIMD works in Zimbabwe together with strategic partner, DIPD (Danish Institute for Parties and Democracy), and implementing partner, Zimbabwe Institute.

This programme is part of the ‘Strategic Partnership’ programme of the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs. More on the Strategic Partnership with the Ministry here.

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Programme Passport

Emiel Bijlmakers
Programme Manager


  • Implementing partner
    Zimbabwe Institute (ZI)

Aspects of Our Work

  • Interparty dialogue
  • Diversity and gender equality

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