What we do

When a nation has endured prolonged economic and political turmoil, all sectors of society are affected, and the space for genuine democratic debate retreats. In Venezuela, the various institutional, political and economic crises have led to extreme polarization, and this limits the opportunity for dialogue.

Finding openings for change and equipping political actors with the tools to seize those opportunities when they do arise is key, and this was the goal with the launch of NIMD’s programming in Venezuela in 2021.

Democracy Education

NIMD Venezuela runs Democracy Schools for female leaders from across civil society, political movements and NGOs. With the schools, we hope to help equip a new generation of female leaders with the skills to navigate Venezuela’s complicated landscape.

To promote the inclusion of a diverse group of women from across the country, courses are hosted online. Training modules focus on:

– Female leadership with gender perspective
– Negotiation and conflict resolution
– The Venezuelan political system
– The Inter-American System of Women´s Rights

Women’s Political Participation

Understanding the barriers to women’s inclusion is one of the first steps in working towards greater equality, and NIMD Venezuela is active in producing high quality research to help broaden understanding of the challenges, the barriers and the solutions.

We have produced a number of reports and policy papers analyzing female participation in Venezuelan politics, both at the local and national level. This research helps us work towards our goal of strengthening the capacities of Venezuelan women in politics.

Meet the Team

Rutger Groothuis
Programme & Knowledge Advisor
Rutger Groothuis assists the Venezuela team, drawing on his extensive experience working on countries experiencing political uncertainty.