Power of Dialogue

What we do

NIMD, the Gorée Institute (Senegal), Akina Mama wa Africa – AMwA (Uganda) and the Centre des Études Méditerranéennes Internationales – CEMI (Tunisia), have joined forces to form the Power of Dialogue Consortium.

The Consortium will focus on empowering women, youth and other marginalized groups to effectively influence and participate in political processes. This will help to build more sustainable and inclusive societies.

The Power of Dialogue programme started in 2021 and will run until 2025. It is funded by the Netherlands Ministry of Foreign Affairs. The programme is being implemented across Africa, America and Asia in the following countries: Burkina Faso, Mali, Niger, Senegal, Ethiopia, Uganda, Kenya, Mozambique, Sudan, Tunisia, Jordan, Iraq, Guatemala, Colombia and Myanmar.

Responsive and Accountable

The Consortium partners work with both civic and political actors.

“Our aim is to help these groups come together in dialogue, and form sustainable coalitions with sufficient power to drive change,” says Thijs Berman, NIMD’s Executive Director. 

“Both groups have complimentary roles to play. While civic actors legitimately advocate for citizens’ needs, political actors need to be responsive and accountable to citizens.” 

All four partners have an excellent track record of working with civic and political actors, and each brings their distinct thematic and geographical expertise to the Consortium.

“If you want to go far, go together”

Ahmed Driss, Director of CEMI, sees this unique combination and wealth of experience as the Consortium’s main strength.

If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together. Now we can tap into each other’s ideas and experience,” he says.  

AMwA has the lead on feminist leadership and policy influencing. 

“World over, women’s leadership and political participation is restricted at all levels,” says Eunice Musiime, Executive Director of AMwA.

It is critical to strengthen the individual and collective leadership of African women to achieve gender equality and jointly contribute to shaping the agenda for dialogue in Africa and realize inclusive governance.”

A diverse set of skills

CEMI will focus on developing innovative tools and strategies to engage youth in political decision making. NIMD’s expertise lies in dialogue, trust building and international lobby and advocacy. And, finally, the Gorée Institute is specialized in conflict prevention, peacebuilding and lobby and advocacy in Africa.  

Societies will only become more inclusive if there is active listening and trust,” says Doudou Dia, Director of Goree Institute. 

“We are very excited to work on this with the Consortium and the Netherlands Ministry of Foreign Affairs. With our joint expertise, we will be able to make a difference and really contribute to more inclusive democracies and societies.”  

Active countries

Meet The Team

Antoine Brasset
Grants Coordinator
Antoine Brasset is the Grants Coordinator working with the teams implementing programmes under the Power of Dialogue Consortium.

Who We Work With

The Power of Dialogue programme will run for five years (2021-2025), and is funded by the Netherlands Ministry of Foreign Affairs.