Democracy Education

Tailor-made education programmes

Political education is one of our instruments to anchor democratic values and ideas in the work practices of politicians of all political currents. NIMD has democracy schools in 11 countries. Our democracy schools aim to further develop democratic skills, knowledge and practice of high-potentials from political parties and civil society to enhance their capacities for constructive, policy-oriented engagement in politics. By bringing these actors together in a multiparty or multi actor setting and allowing them to practice their democratic skills together, we support a culture of meaningful dialogue.

What do democracy schools provide?

Tailor made approach
All the schools are embedded in the local context of the countries we work in. Furthermore, the curricula are tailored to the specific needs and particularities of the country and/or region and are locally developed and carried out by local experts.

Learning by doing
Our curricula provide both a theoretical and practical basis of democratic politics. Furthermore, students engage with actual problems and learn to apply democratic practices in real-life situations. Training courses focus on knowledge and skills development, campaigning and advocacy as well as policy formulation.

Long-term commitment in a multiparty setting
The training courses require long-term and frequent participation. In addition, long-term commitment and working in a multiparty setting are guiding principles of NIMD. We therefore work with participants in multiparty settings, engage them in school activities and design specific alumni activities.

Examples from the field