NIMD is a goal-oriented organization that maximizes its impact through working closely with a large and diverse network of local, national and international partners. Although there is huge diversity and overlap, we generally distinguish three types of partners:

  • Our implementing partners work with us to implement our programmes on the ground
  • We work with like-minded strategic partners to maximize coordination, experience-sharing and cooperation on our project portfolios
  • Our diversifying base of funding partners support us and our projects in a variety of ways

Another key part of NIMD’s network are the seven Dutch political parties who are the founding members of NIMD. These give NIMD access to unique expertise, high-level networks and policy advice.

Implementing partners

Each of NIMD’s tailor-made democracy assistance programmes is implemented through a partnership with an organization working on the ground. This ensures that country programmes fully benefit from the implementing partners’ detailed understanding of party-political conditions on the ground.

Our preference is to team up with an existing, locally anchored organization that must at the same time be both politically impartial and have a proven track record of financially responsible project delivery. In countries where such organizations are absent, NIMD helps establish dedicated Centres for Multiparty Democracy (CMD) or sets up country offices with local staff to act as the effective programme implementing partner.

CMDs are governed by the country’s political parties while countries offices are managed by a local coordinator working directly for NIMD.


Latin America

  • Colombia
    In Colombia, NIMD works with a country office based in Bogotá
  • El Salvador
    In El Salvador, NIMD works with a country office based in San Salvador
  • Honduras
    In Honduras, NIMD works with a country office stationed in Tegucigalpa
  • Guatemala
    In Guatemala, NIMD works with a country office in Guatemala City, which also acts as a regional office for Central America

Southeast Asia

MENA Region

European Neighbourhood

Strategic partners

NIMD actively supports mutual exchange and cooperation with organizations working in the field of democracy assistance. The main goal of our strategic partnerships is to collaborate sustainably on a multi-project basis, through joint programme planning and joint fundraising efforts.

Strategic partnerships allow funding to be secured from a wider spectrum of sources, giving added strategic flexibility and responsiveness to changing country conditions and global trends. Involving other specialist organizations gives a broader perspective on the future context of country programmes and ensures results and experiences are shared.

At the same time, strategic partnerships allow NIMD to remain focused on its core specialism of political parties, by bringing in the complementary expertise of other organizations.

We work closely with other European democracy assistance organizations as part of a wider community that seeks to advance and strengthen democracy outside the EU.

NIMD also enters into strategic partnerships aimed at marrying specific specialist areas such as democracy education, where results can be maximized through close cooperation with other expert organizations.