NIMD Statement on the Strategic Partnership Programme

Due to AWEPA’s serious financial problems, NIMD has annulled its contract with AWEPA under the Strategic Partnership programme, effective immediately.

Under the Strategic Partnership with the MFA, NIMD works in 14 countries. In Benin, Mali, Mozambique, Kenya, Uganda, Zimbabwe and Ethiopia, NIMD and AWEPA worked together on the strengthening of both political parties (NIMD) and parliaments (AWEPA). The programme started in January 2016.

Given the recent developments at AWEPA, it is no longer possible for us to continue the joint programme in these countries. In the coming months, we will work together with the Netherlands Ministry of Foreign Affairs to see how we can safeguard the SP programme objectives and preserve the knowledge and expertise that have been developed so far in the joint programme countries. NIMD’s activities in the other seven countries that fall under the Strategic Partnership programme, will continue as scheduled.

We very much regret this development within our Strategic Partnership programme. All our efforts are now aimed at securing the continuation of our programmes in Africa.

For further information, please contact Mrs. Karijn de Jong, Head of Programmes, NIMD ([email protected]).