NIMD Executive Director Simone Filippini on FOCOS TV in El Salvador

In an exclusive interview with FOCOS TV in El Salvador, NIMD Executive Director Simone Filippini explains what can be achieved through the transformation of a nation’s political parties.

In this interview, Simone appears alongside Gracia Grande, NIMD’s Programme Manager in El Salvador, as they discuss how nations can go from “talking their democracy”, to “walking their democracy”. She also shares her insights on how a culture based on inclusiveness and regular dialogue can halt the spread of populism, and how any political system can be opened up to the benefit of its people.

See the full interview below or on the FOCOS website.


NIMD has been working in El Salvador since 2012, where their projects provide assistance in the form of youth education programmes, training for female politicians and facilitating interparty dialogue.

For more information visit the NIMD Central America website or contact NIMD via [email protected].