NIMD attends political party peer network conference 2016 in Norway

From 30 May to 1 June, the Political Party Peer (PPP) Network Conference 2016 was held in Utøya, Norway. The conference is an informal gathering of leading organizations in the field of democracy assistance. Several international donors also attended the event.

The conference is comprised of a series of presentations, workshops, and keynote speeches that address topics related to democracy assistance and international politics.

NIMD’s Head of Team Knowledge & Strategic Relations, Wouter Dol, facilitated a workshop about technology and different trends in citizen engagement and party-citizen relationships. Nic van der Jagt, NIMD’s Planning, Monitoring, and Evaluation Coordinator conducted a workshop about programme evaluation, where he also had the opportunity to share NIMD’s comprehensive programme evaluation that was carried out in 2015.

Other topics discussed at the conference include party innovation, money in politics, party transparency and accountability, financial management, and the overall environment of democracy assistance.

Check out the conference website here.