Myanmar School of Politics: Towards gender equality

The Myanmar School of Politics (a joint programme run by NIMD and Demo Finland) has launched two publications to promote gender equality in political parties in Myanmar. The publications are part of the EU-funded STEP Democracy project.

Guidelines for political parties – ‘Gender Equality: A Shortcut to Development and Prosperity’

Political parties have a key role to play in enabling women to gain positions of power. As the “gatekeepers of democracy”, parties must understand their role in advancing women’s political participation and become enablers of change.

These MySoP Gender Equality guidelines help political parties understand the importance of their role in promoting gender equality.

This text guides the parties in their work to mainstream gender both within their party structure and in their party policies and practices.

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Guidelines for female politicians – ‘Better in Politics: A Female Politician’s Guide towards Knowledge and Empowerment’

These guidelines are especially designed to provide women with the political knowledge and skills they need to identify and break down barriers to their participation politics. The text also aims to build confidence and help women politicians find support in their political path.

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Download in Myanmar Language


The STEP Democracy Programme is funded by the EU.