Guatemala: Political training and empowerment for women

In Guatemala, NIMD has been providing training and empowerment for women, with a special focus on young and indigenous women, through a series of camps.

Through the training, we hope build on the knowledge and skills of the participants and motivate them to exercise their human rights in Guatemala. The ultimate aim of the project is to increase the participation of women in decision-making spaces.

To carry out this project, our Guatemala office has teamed up with three Guatemalan organizations: MOLOJ, Alas de Mariposa y Convergencia Cívico-Política de Mujeres.

Shared values

The four organizations share a deep conviction that the Guatemalan political system and its decision-making mechanisms must be more inclusive and, ultimately, more representative of Guatemalan society.

In Guatemala, the daily practices of machismo, racism and discrimination are still major barriers – deeply entrenched in history – to the political participation of women, and especially young or indigenous women. As a result, full respect of human rights is still far from reality.

When women do have a shot at entering politics, it is important that they know their human rights, laws, and the State’s administrative, planning and implementation systems.

The camps

Faced with this reality the camps are being rolled out in four locations, to train and empower 100 women. These participants include young and indigenous leaders, political party members, local government representatives and leaders of women’s organizations.

The course will cover human rights, political participation, political parties and political marketing, as well as providing a space for the participants to share their own experiences. The course content has been certified by the Institute of Women and the San Carlos de Guatemala University, Guatemala’s state university.

We hope that, through their involvement in the camps, many of the participants will feel motivated to enter politics, perhaps even running in future electoral campaigns. For those who choose this path, NIMD strives to provide continuing support to help them break down the barriers they may face.