#DemocracyDrinks: Join our informal networking event in The Hague

Join us on 24 November for our next edition of #DemocracyDrinks. Our informal evening brings together democracy advocates, thinkers and enthusiasts to connect in an informal setting.

As a valuable opportunity for networking, the event will be all about making new contacts and catching up with people you know. You can test new ideas; plan common initiatives; and find moral support and inspiration.

Spotlight speech: Extremism and the future of democracy

For this edition, we are delighted to welcome special guest Charlotte McDonald-Gibson, journalist and author of the 2022 book Far Out: Encounters With Extremists. Charlotte will kick off the drinks by discussing the threat extremism poses to democracy. She will explore how dialogue can help us address the underlining causes of radicalization, and create space for redemption in today’s polarized societies.

What are #DemocracyDrinks?

#DemocracyDrinks were launched by Defend Democracy in Brussels in 2018. And, since then, the idea has taken off. #DemocracyDrinks have taken place around the world, including in Washington DC, Berlin, Kathmandu and, since last year, The Hague.

Our previous #DemocracyDrinks events have attracted a lively mixture of people from NGOs, international institutions, think tanks and national government, among others.

This event series is a collaboration between NIMD, the Netherlands Helsinki Committee (NHC) and The Hague Humanity Hub.


We hope that you will join us on 24 November, and that you will come away with new connections, insights and goals. Please register here.