Cutting edge technology and future-proof politics: #INNDEM2018

How can technology empower citizens? Is political intermediation still necessary? What is the current role of political parties?

These are the questions that matter in the modern political age. Democracy is in metamorphosis as cutting-edge innovations change the relationship between voters, political leaders and the institutions they build together. Whether it’s social media creating new constituent-MP relationships, digital technologies changing the way elections are run, or the as-it-happens nature of modern news, technology can bring democratic governance closer to the people.

But how can we ensure technology strengthens democracy rather than weakens it? Disruptive technologies hold great potential, but they are not without their pitfalls. We invite you to take part in the discussion at our Innovating Democracy event 2018, organized by NIMD and

This year the event will focus on political innovation, bringing speakers from NGOs, political parties and organizations that share their passion for cutting-edge innovations to improve politics. We will discuss how new and disruptive tools can help parties respond better to needs and bring democratic governance closer to the people. Featuring keynote speaker Colin McGill, co-creator of, as well as a panel debate between representatives from three political parties.

The event takes place on 29 November at the Lloyd Hotel, Amsterdam.

For more information, visit the Innovating Democracy website.