Burundi: Capacity building workshop on interparty dialogue

On 4-8 July 2016, a capacity building workshop took place in Ngozi, Burundi, as part of the ‘Foundations for Interparty Dialogue’ project implemented by by the Burundi Leadership Programme (BLTP) and NIMD. This project aims to restore trust among Burundi’s key political actors, but also to foster inclusive participation of Burundi’s citizens, including civil society, religious and community leaders, and women and youth.

The workshop had 60 participants from 12 political parties, as well as the participation of one Member of Parliament from the Amizero Coalition, Rwasa group. This workshop marks the beginning of a series of multiparty workshops as part of our programme in Burundi.

The training was facilitated by Moumouni Soumano from the Centre for Multiparty Democracy Mali (CMDID), who is NIMD’s implementing partner for the programme in Mali. He is greatly encouraged by the active participation that he witnessed during the workshop: ‘I feel glad that participants show the determination to follow every detail of the training, asking questions and openly debating on the application of concepts in the context and especially in the ongoing dialogue process [in Burundi]’.

The training has contributed to the participants’ now understand that political parties are fundamental pillars of democracy, and that political commitment is needed for the success of interparty dialogue.

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