Benin: Spreading the word about Human Rights

NIMD has trained around 30 journalists to spread the word about Human Rights laws in Benin.

The training workshop was held on 21 August and targeted journalists from the Beninese National Assembly and the Network of Journalists accredited by Parliament.

Over the course of the two days, the journalists took part in series of interactive sessions, including plenary sessions and workshops. Through the training, they familiarized themselves with Benin’s Human Rights laws, and were given tools and strategies to raise awareness about their content nationally.

Two key sessions served as a springboard for the rest of the training. The first focused on Human Rights and the legal provisions for protecting human rights in Benin, covering both national laws and international protocols.

The second key session centred around “information and communication on Human Rights”. The participants were invited to consider the key differences between informing and communicating when it comes to increasing the visibility of the National Assembly.

These sessions were followed by interactive discussion, where the journalists shared their experiences around creating and sharing information on Human Rights.

This training is part of our work to support Benin’s National Assembly to promote participative governance and Human Rights, funded by the EU.