Multi Annual Plan 2012-2015

Linking parties, policies and people

Since its conception, two strategic and organisational plans were developed and supported financially by the Netherlands Ministry of Foreign Affairs. This multi-annual plan for the period 2012-2015 is to present the main policy direction and institutional organisation for the NIMD programmes for the coming five years, taking account of global changes, current Dutch foreign policy and incorporating lessons learned from the recently conducted institutional and capacity development evaluation.

This Multi Annual Plan sets out the continuation of NIMD’s work since 2000, but also specifies and focuses the approach and intervention design. The first section of the plan is a summary of the academic and practical debate surrounding the field of democratisation, especially in relation to development, in order to embed in theory and practice behind the NIMD approach in this Theory of Change section (2). This is followed by a schematic representation of the intervention logic, summarising the changes and outputs of the programme (3), after which the detailed approach and operationalisation of this logic is described (4).

The following section (5) describes the positioning of the organisation and details the (rationale of) existing partnerships, while section (6) specifies the programmes, with a related brief description and programmatic outlook for each country programme in Annex I. In the subsequent section (7) the overall Planning, Monitoring and Evaluation cycle with its specific characteristics and set-up linked to the overall programme is presented.

Sections (8) and (9) describe the organisation’s internal capacities, organisational structure and governance system, and knowledge and communication, while section (10) details the long term sustainability of the organisation and its partners. The multi-annual budget is presented in section (13).

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